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We’ve invested millions in our service maintenance and repair offering – and it shows

After a transformative year, our Service Maintenance and Repair (SMR) team landed a prize for innovation at the 2018 Fleet World Honours. Here’s why.


Our SMR team keeps vehicles on the road using a network of garages, mechanics and mobile technicians. We’ve invested in this network – introducing digital tools, recruiting specialists and extending the team’s working hours.

The result? We’re repairing cars, vans, lorries and specialist vehicles faster. And it’s made our customers happier.

Here are four ways we’ve invested in customer satisfaction

1.     Expanding our body repair network
We tripled the number of specialists in our national network. Today we’re up to 200 mechanics. This lets us repair 40 per cent of damaged vehicles within a day.

2.     Bringing in mobile technicians
In 2016, we trialled a mobile SMR service with a couple of our customers. During the trial, their vehicles didn’t have to leave their premises for maintenance and repair. We went to them. The following year, we acquired SEV Automotive and Plant to make the service widely available. We’ve taken two hours off vehicle downtime and saved customers up to £1,000 a day as a result.

3.     Introducing a workflow system
We keep jobs moving using tablets and TechTool – our workflow system. Part of the £1.6 million invested in SMR went towards upgrading this system. Service, inspection and compliance documents are now digital. So customers can read them instantly using an online portal.

4.     Extending our hours
We realise our customers work to all manner of schedules – so it made sense to extend our working hours to midnight on weekdays in many of our garages. 

Key improvements

Faster bookings

Bookings are 47 per cent faster overall. And our extended hours bookings are 71 per cent faster. 

Less time spent off-road

In 2017, our vehicles spent less than two days off-road on average. 

Professional care

98 per cent of customers would recommend our contact centres because of their professionalism.  

12 September 2018